Healing, One Breath, One Step At A Time

Suzanne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently offering training’s and seminars about the emotional roadblocks to financial well-being. Suzanne and co-facilitator Anasuya Basil (www.mybodywisdom.com) also offer retreats and workshops using the nature connection and the creative process to reduce and manage stress.

Suzanne co-authored with Sam Beasley the book, Wealth and Well-Being, a book for therapists, counselors and helping professionals to aide in working with clients to empower them in towards financial freedom. They have an accompanying workbook entitled; The Wealth and Well-Being Workbook. Suzanne gives seminars and training’s on this subject with co-author, Sam Beasley. Suzanne also offers coaching for individuals who have emotional issues that are related to financial stress and compulsivity.

Specialties: Nurture in Nature Retreats. Money and self care. Creative process.

Suzanne's Contact Info
1215 Mangrove Ave. Chico, California
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